Our Philosophy

KM NU Hospitals – a Multi-specialty services with 60 bedded facility, with State-of- ART at Solur has brought the future of healthcare with most cutting-edge services to Ambur citizens in Tamil Nadu by making a difference in Healthcare with advanced medicine and compassionate care for rural population. We provide a Multi-specialty services such as Nephrology, Urology, Fertility, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Neonatology, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Pediatric Intensive care Unit (PICU) and Radiology Services

Our Vision is to deliver comprehensive medical services, which showcase the highest standards of both care and medical excellence, sufficiently innovative to be appropriate to our society.

There shall be an atmosphere of continuous learning and research, conscious of the rights and dignity of our patients.

We will also give our employees and consultants, unfettered opportunity to develop professionally, and our shareholders, good returns on investment.

We will achieve this by:

Working to implement practices and processes that are standard, measurable in quality and constantly monitored in all areas of our functioning

Ensuring that our facilities and services demonstrate our compliance with and possibly exceed the standards of our healthcare regulators.

Promoting effective communication within and between all service providers and our patients, to establish a seamless and enhanced teamwork

Establishing a successful partnership with all our stakeholders, on a foundation of integrity and transparency that will always enhance the reputation of NU Hospitals


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Dr. Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy is the Chairman and Founder of NU Hospitals. He has over 27 years of experience in the field of Urology. To his credit he has received many awards including the prestigious Dr. B.C Roy Award. He is very passionate about patient care and delivery systems, which ensure a high level of satisfaction to those that seek our services.

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Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh M. K.

Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh is the Managing Director and a Sr. Urology Consultant at NU Hospitals. He has specialized in Pediatric Urology and has over 13 years of experience in the field of Urology. He has successfully completed short stints at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio and Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, USA. He has received numerous awards at different Urology conferences in India. His passion is to deliver high-quality Nephro Uro medical care at an affordable cost. Dr. Prasanna has a youthful and ambitious outlook for the future of NU Hospitals.

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Mr. Ramachandra M

Mr. Ramachandra M. is a Member of the Board of Directors at NU Hospitals. He is also the MD & CEO of Scrips N Scrolls India Pvt. Ltd. a company engaged in the activity of Property development and investments, established in the year 1992. This company has completed a number of prestigious projects in and around Bangalore. He is also the Co-Founder of Cloud Nine, Bangalore – a venture of Kids Clinic India Pvt Ltd. Cloud Nine has revolutionized Maternity and Child health care with its unique model across a chain of hospitals. With the backing of Mr. Ramachandra’s experience and expertise in infrastructure development, NU Hospitals is poised towards further expansion.

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Dr. Kanthiraj M. R.

Dr. Kanthiraj M. R. is a Member of the Board of Directors of NU Hospitals. He is a doctor of repute and ran his own hospital which was established in 1971. He brings with him a rich experience in managing personnel and as an able administrator. He was also the Secretary and Correspondent of The Hindu Higher Secondary School, Ambur, with 8000 children for 33 years and is currently the Chairman of the same. He has held numerous positions in the Indian Medical Association and the Lions Club International. He is a Changemaker awardee of Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu for 2012. He is a guiding force for our hospital and is currently an ardent advisor to the board.

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Mr. Koteshwar Rao

Mr. Koteshwar Rao is a member of the Board of Directors at NU Hospitals. Currently, Mr. Koteshwar Rao is also Chairman, Managing Director of Vanguard Group started in 1980 with the inception of its first manufacturing plant Endoven Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. in Balanagar, Hyderabad which went on to gross turnover of one crore within a period of two years. The unit was run in its highest capacity by supplying to various institutions across the country. This being one of the first stepping stones Mr. Rao has expanded his horizons by establishing four other manufacturing units, three marketing units and trading organizations in different parts of the country.




KM NU Hospital

KM NU Hospitals, Ambur laboratory is recognised by NABL under its quality assurance program - NABL Medical Entry Level Testing (MELT) Labs Program. Both the hospitals follow stringent quality procedures to ensure accurate, precise and timely reports to patients.

KM NU Hospital

KM NU Hospitals, Ambur laboratory is recognised by NABH Entry Level, which ensures high quality of care and patient safety,both hospitals provide quality culture at all levels and across all the functions of the organizations.

Our Team

Managing Director & Sr. Consultant Paediatric Urologist

Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh M. K.
dr.prasanna@nuhospitals.com 080 - 46699999

Group Medical Director & Sr. Consultant Nephrologist

Dr. Dilip Rangarajan
dr.dilip@nuhospitals.com 080 - 42489999

Chief Project Officer

Mr. Narayanamurthy V
narayanamurthy@nuhospitals.com 080 - 46699999

Chief People Officer

Ms. Sahana Pai
sahana.pai@nuhospitals.com 080 - 42489999

Chief Procurement Officer

Mr. Abdul Wajid
wajid@nuhospitals.com 080 - 42489999

Unit Head - NU Hospitals – Padmanabhanagar, Bengaluru

Ms. Sahana Paul
sahana@nuhospitals.com 080 - 42489999

Unit Head - NU Hospitals Rajajinagar, Bengaluru

Mr. Mohammed Rafi
rafi@nuhospitals.com 080 - 46699999

Unit Head - NU Hospitals – Shivamogga, Karnataka

Mr. Narayanamurthy V
narayanamurthy@nuhospitals.com 63661688226366148822

Unit Head - KM NU Ambur, Tamil Nadu

Mr. Sathish K. D.
sathish@nuhospitals.com 08489019000

Assistant Manager - Administration & Operations NU Hospitals- Maldives

Mr. Srujith
igmh@nuhospitals.com 960-7716886

Manager Front Office – NU Hospitals Padmanabhanagar, Bengaluru

Ms. Anurupa
anurupa@nuhospitals.com 080 - 42489999

Incharge - Front office - NU Hospitals Rajajinagar, Bengaluru

Mr. Afroos Khan
afroos@nuhospitals.com 080-46699999

Manager - Digital Initiatives

Mr. Charles Williams
charles@nuhospitals.com 080-46699999

Group Operating Room Manager

Ms. Nethravathy S
nethravathy@nuhospitals.com 080-42489999

Manager - Nursing (Quality & Training) & Urodynamics

Ms. Bhargavi V A
bhargavi@nuhospitals.com 080 - 42489999

Assistant Manager - Quality

Ms. Pavithra S
qc@nuhospitals.com 080 - 42489999

NU Hospitals
Organizational Structure

NU Hospitals
Medical Organizational Structure