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Most Common ENT Problems

Our Ear, Nose and Throat contribute significantly to our sensory input and perception of the world around us It includes three major sensations of hearing, smell and taste.

Commonly. known as ENT, they are as critical as every other organs of the body. However, ENT is not just limited to the ear, nose and throat. It focuses on everything surrounding them as well including the Larynx, Thyroid, Temporomandibular joints, paranasal sinuses and so on.

An ENT Specialist is the one who attends to problems associated with any of these three critical parts as they are functionally interconnected.

Some of the common ENT problems observed are swallowing issues, sinusitis, vocal cord problems, chronic ear, nose or throat infections and snoring. ENT Doctors are well-trained to handle any of the above issues as well as emergencies.

The Best ENT Hospital in Ambur is the KM NU Hospitals, which is widely acclaimed for its exceptional ENT care, in addition to other speciality services. Some of the finest and experienced ENT doctors are a part of a seasoned team in the Department of ENT. In addition to their skills in getting to the root of the problem to find a solution, the ENT Specialists have extensive exposure to using advanced technology in providing timely care to patients.

The hospital is equipped with all modern diagnostic, testing and surgical equipment which help in reaching the best possible medical support to patients in distress and in quick time.

Outwardly, ENT issues may not look that critical, but if ignored, they can create serious complications leading to multiple organ collapse. Bacterial and Fungal infections are commonly seen affecting the Ear, Nose and Throat. Additional, conditions like Thyroid and Tonsillitis might require minor surgical interventions.

Our competent ENT doctors at KM NU Hospitals are well versed in treating the most complex cases related to ENT ranging from Ear Infections to Allergies to Cancers. While Ear and Nasal Cancer is rare, throat cancers are observed quite frequently seen, especially in patients, who are used to frequently chewing Tobacco. The other issues associated with ENT include Sleep Apnoea, Acid Reflux Disease and Vertigo.


One of the critical symptoms that should not be ignored with respect to ENT is a lump in the neck region that lasts more than 2 weeks. This could well be early signs of either mouth or throat cancer or part of Lymphoma ie, cancer affecting the lymphatic system. These can spread further internally and affect even normal breathing. An ENT Doctor should be immediately consulted on observing such symptoms.

The Department of ENT at KM NU Hospitals, one of the best ENT Hospitals in Ambur, has redefined healthcare with its high-quality ENT Care. ENT Doctors with their passion and expertise to heal supported by an excellent nursing and paramedical staff, have brought smiles on the faces of thousands of patients in discomfort.